Completed Projects

Completed Projects

With a team of enthusiastic young minds and experienced Railway professionals, we have successfully executed and completed over 30 Stations in

  • Panel and Route Relay Interlocking
  • Signalling and telecommunication arrangements
  • Axle Counters

LC Gate Interlocking

We have successfully completed the supply of necessary materials, Execution and commission of approximately 20 Nos of LC gates interlocking in the Southern Railway. We have executed approximate of 100 KMs of Signal and Telecommunication cable laying and 100 Nos of GRS Location Boxes erections and necessary No. of Signals, Point machines and Track Circuits to complete the work.

Our Few completed projects
  • Provision of Signaling arrangements in connection with Interlocking of manned LC No. 4 & No. 20 between Karur -Dindigul section of Salem division.
  • Provision of signaling arrangements in connection with Interlocking of 3 Nos. Of Level Crossing gates Tiruchirappalli- Thanjavur section in Tiruchirappalli Division.
  • Provision of signaling arrangements in connection with Interlocking of 4 Nos. Of Level Crossing gates Thanjavur- Villupuram section in Tiruchirappalli Division.
  • Provision of Interlocking of Level Crossing No.8 AT Km.10/100-200 between Milavittan (MVN) and Tuticorin Harbor (TNHP) section and Provision of Inverters at Junction Station (Dindigul, Madurai, Virudhunagar, Manamadurai, Vanchimaniyachi, Tirunelveli) in Madurai Division.
  • Provision of Road Warning Arrangements in Mid-section LC Gates KRR-TP Sections.
  • Provision of LC Gate Communication in Vriddhachalam- Villupuram Section & Villupuram – Puduchery Section.

Signalling and Telecommunication arrangements

The Signalling and Telecommunication arrangements include cabling, erection apparatus cases, Signals and Point machines, Provision of Track circuit, Cable joints (for Telecom cables), Indoor arrangement to suit the Signal Interlocking Plan. The number of cables, apparatus cases to be assessed and their route and locations are to be fixed for connecting all the outdoor functions like signals, points, track circuits, level crossing gates etc., as per the interlocking plan. The main design drawings generated include the - cable route plan, cable core plan, apparatus case plan, track insulation & bonding plan, Chamber and Cable joints.

Our Few completed projects
  • Outdoor Telecommunication arrangement between the SCT and BJM stations in connection with the Gauge conversion work on Quilon- Tenkasi- Tirunelveli section.
  • Diversion of OFC cables at Culverts and Bridges in the VM-KPD Section of Southern Railway.
  • Provision of signalling arrangements at Tambaram Station of Chennai division, in connection with proposed Additional Terminal facilities at Tambaram Station - Development as Coaching Terminal.
  • Networking of Data Logger (Indoor) in the MDU & SA Divisions.

Axle Counters

  • Axle Counters are train detection equipments, which are utilised by the Railways to monitor a defined track section to provide the occupancy / clear status. The System detects the presence of a train in any specified track section.
  • M/s, Siemens, CEL, Deltron, G.G. Tronics, Web fill are the OEM’s, who developed this technology. We have handled, installed, tested and commissioned the equipments in the projects awarded to us by our clients for provision Block Proving Axel Counter, Automatic Signalling, RRIs & PIs.
Our completed project
  • Residual Work of Gauge conversion between Tiruvarur - Mayiladuthurai Section - Signal Telecommunication works at Mayiladuthurai, Peralam and Nannilam stations

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